1st Elite Medallion Winners Update – Where are they now?

IKONICS Imaging is thrilled to share an update from the first Elite Medallion Hunt winners, Ray and Melissa with Stenciled Stones in Jeannette, PA!


The addition of the CrystalBlast Elite has prompted many positive changes within the Stenciled Stones shop. Ray and Melissa were able to add many products to their production line with the new unit. “Being a stone engraver, we run a large grit with high pressure in our stone cabinet.  This set up would unevenly etch glass and the coarse grit would destroy the fine detail,” said Ray. Having the new CrystalBlast Elite allowed Stenciled Stones to run finer grit in a more controlled, low pressure environment. The new unit also allowed for more wall space in the shop. With the Elite being a self-contained filtered unit, it does not need to be near a wall to exhaust outside. Ray and Melissa were able to place the Elite in an area that worked best with their current shop layout. “We’ve added glassware, license plates, Yeti cups and chrome plated items to our production list,” commented Ray.


Stenciled Stones is also happy to report the CrystalBlast Elite allowed them to take on customers that wanted more detailed work.  Stenciled Stones, level of sandcarving detail capabilities increased with the CrystalBlast Elite and photoresist films. Ray and Melissa can now engrave sub-millimeter, or fine-detailed work.  They typically use UltraPro photoresist film for the bulk of their work and utilize RapidMask for halftone projects.


Stenciled Stones is pleased to say the CrystalBlast Elite has performed flawlessly. “A pleasant surprise feature with the CrystalBlast Elite compared to our existing system is the grit transfer from the cabinet back into the pressure pot. With our existing set up, grit transfer from our media separator back to the pressure pot creates a lot of dust (most of it silica based). This not only is dirty, but  dangerous and requires a respirator.  The CrystalBlast Elite is EASY, dust free and you don’t need to wear a respirator to transfer grit from the blast cabinet back to the pressure pot.” Ray and Melissa like the air blast feature for the internal filter. “Not only does it help keep the dust from clumping on the filter, it’s fun to scare innocent bystanders when you use it,” chuckled Ray.


According to Ray and Melissa, “The CrystalBlast Elite has met and exceeded our expectations.  It really is a great piece of equipment.” At first glance, it may seem challenging for smaller shops to afford a CrystalBlast Elite, or any other large sandcarving machine for that matter. The beauty of IKONICS Imaging’s relationship with Paramount Financial is the financing solutions offered for all of IKONICS Imaging sandcarving machines and equipment. The CrystalBlast Elite is very affordable at $195/month, there are also other reasonable financing options available.


IKONICS Imaging is touched to hear Ray and Melissa’s comment, “Out of all of our vendors, your team has provided unbelievable support.  We have never had any issues with any of your products other than user error. We are sold as customers and will continue to use and experiment with the variety of IKONICS products.  We are really grateful to the IKONICS team! You have opened up a door for us to help expand our business and opened our eyes to many possibilities.”


Would you like to be in Stenciled Stones position and have a CrystalBlast Elite arrive at your doorstep? The reality is possible! There’s one more Golden Elite Medallion out there! Click here for more information on joining the hunt for the second Elite Medallion!