2017 Elite Medallion Hunt

The Hunt

The hunt is on for the 2017 Elite Medallion! A golden, elite medallion has been hidden inside RapidMask Sheets, RapidMask Rolls, or in a free RapidMask Test Kit. Whomever receives RapidMask Sheets, Rolls, or Test Kits of photoresist film has the chance to find a golden, elite medallion which will be located inside the box of film. The elite medallion is a sandcarved, round, crystal medallion in gold.

Who Can Enter the Elite Medallion Hunt?

The 2017 Elite Medallion Hunt is open to US and Canadian residents only, must be over 18 years of age.

How to Enter

To enter the 2017 Elite Medallion Hunt, no purchase is necessary. Entrant can order RapidMask via phone, fax, email, website, or Click Here for a free RapidMask Test Kit to be eligible.

How to Win?

If recipient finds the golden, crystal medallion inside the RapidMask box, they are an instant winner! The medallion recipient must contact IKONICS Imaging within 24 hours. The winner must describe medallion over the phone and submit a high-resolution photograph to IKONICS Imaging. The same person and/or company cannot win twice, or win both CrystalBlast Elite sandcarving machines.

The Prize!

The person who finds the golden medallion inside the RapidMask box wins one, new, CrystalBlast Elite sandcarving machine which includes all the standard materials; CrystalBlast Elite and Silicon Carbide 180. The air compressor is not included.

Prize Shipping Stipulations

IKONICS Imaging will pay for all freight charges. Winner must work with IKONICS Imaging on shipping delivery instructions.