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  1. Sand Dollars

    Sand Dollars

    April 30, 2015
    For retailers looking to diversify their product lines, now is the time to consider personalizing products that hover just outside the traditional boundaries of the awards and recognition market. Sandblasting, commonly known as sandcarving, is an easy-to-learn, creative, and profitable...
  2. ARA 2015 Supplier of the Year

    ARA 2015 Supplier of the Year

    April 10, 2015
    IKONICS CARVES OUT A NICHE WITH CONTINUAL INNOVATION Producing and offering high-quality products and services has long been paramount for the team at IKONICS Imaging, and that dedication is something customers have come to expect and appreciate. IKONICS Imaging was...
  3. Choosing The Right Sandcarver For Your Needs

    Choosing The Right Sandcarver For Your Needs

    March 27, 2015
    Whether you are just starting out in sandcarving, adding a sandcarving process to an existing business or expanding to high-volume round-the-clock production, the right machine can determine success or failure for your sandcarving operation. So, how do you choose the...
  4. Evolution of Sandcarving Cabinets

    Evolution of Sandcarving Cabinets

    March 26, 2015
    It is possible that the first sandblasters were fast-moving rivers or desert windstorms. Someone noticed the results and an idea was born. The first blast cabinets utilized “wet blasting” with the abrasive media suspended in water. Wet blasting cabinets provided...
  5. Buying The Right Air Compressor

    Buying The Right Air Compressor

    February 15, 2013
    There is a wide variety of sandcarving equipment used today, and each system has its pros and cons. It can be a challenge to choose an appropriate air compressor for self-contained sandcarving cabinets used primarily to produce artistic, one-of-a-kind, relatively...

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