Inspecting & Replacing CrystalBlast Nozzle

May 21, 2019
Inspecting & Replacing CrystalBlast Nozzle

It is important to replace your sandcarving nozzle after it has worn 1/32” or more. Not only will the worn nozzle use more compressed air, but the abrasive will impact the part more aggressively. As the volume of air and abrasive increases, it will create additional wear on the blast hose as well.

Inspecting the CrystalBlast Nozzle

The easiest way to know if your nozzle requires replacement is to keep a 1/8” drill bit nearby (or a 5/32” drill bit if your CrystalBlast was purchased with a 1/8” nozzle). If the drill bit fits into the blast nozzle, then it is time to replace the nozzle. Replacement is not mandatory, however a worn nozzle uses more compressed air and if the air compressor is marginal the machine controls will not operate properly unless 90 psi line pressure is maintained.

Replacing the CrystalBlast Nozzle

IMPORTANT: Do not try to remove the nozzle from the nozzle holder. The nozzle holder is designed to be an integral part of the nozzle. Removal and re-installation of the nozzle in the nozzle holder may cause the nozzle to become a projectile. Injury may occur as a result. Dispose of the nozzle holder with the nozzle when the nozzle has worn out.

1. Always depressurize the pressure pot during any machine maintenance
2. To replace the blast nozzle, hold the Nozzle and Nozzle Holder in one hand
3. Hold the Blast Hose in the other hand
4. With your thumb and forefinger, press the End Ring of the Nozzle Holder towards the Nozzle
5. As you are pressing, pull the Abrasive Blast Hose the other direction using a twisting motion
6. The hose should release from the Nozzle Holder

Note: If you are having a hard time removing the hose, you may have abrasive stuck in the nozzle. Try turning the nozzle after you push it in to loosen the abrasive. You may need to cut the hose if you can't get the nozzle off (see note below).

Watch Video on Replacing Nozzle >>

Tips for Making Your Nozzle Last

    • Turn Nozzle: We generally recommend that you turn your nozzle a quarter turn every day. Think of this like rotating your tires. This will help avoid the nozzle wear down unevenly. When your nozzle wears down unevenly it can cause a keyhole effect, which allows extra air to be blown out of the nozzle and may blow off your stencil.
    • Cut Hose Straight: Make sure your hose is cut in a straight line, or 90° angle. We recommend you cut your hose with a razor blade, not a scissors. A crooked cut will allow abrasive in the nooks and cause the nozzle holder to wear down faster.
    • Dry Abrasive: Wet abrasive (caused by condensation in the air compressor or high humidity) will cause your nozzle to wear down faster. Make sure you abrasive remains dry. We recommend getting an ambient air dryer for your blast cabinet and using it in the summer or during times of high humidity.

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