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Intro to Sandcarving


IKONICS Imaging offers clean, simple and affordable solutions when it comes to decorative sandcarving. Gone are the days of dirty work areas and gritty hands. Sandcarving has evolved into contained cabinets keeping work areas, and shops, clean with our CleanFlo, patented technology. The IKONICS Imaging CrystalBlast line of sandcarving equipment is the most conscientiously engineered equipment of its kind in the world. All photoresist films are manufactured in Duluth, MN and distributed world-wide. IKONICS has spent more time, more research and development dollars, more intellectual property and more corporate energy developing its world-leading line of photoresist films. Learn how to start sandcarving in four simple steps:

1. Decide on a Machine

First, decide on which CrystalBlast sandcarving machine is right for you. The abrasive etching material, Silicon Carbide, is included in your first order!

CrystalBlast Sandcarvers
2. Complete Process System

Next, the Complete Process System is the perfect kit which provides the tools to enter the world of sandcarving! This system contains photoresist films including RapidMask, UltraPeel and R-Series. Also included are the Letralite Exposure Unit, AccuBlack inkjet media, and more.

Complete Process System
3. EPSON 1430

IKONICS Imaging recommends the EPSON 1430 as a starter printer due to its high quality prints and smart ink saving technology. The EPSON 1430 Package comes with everything you need to get printing!

EPSON 1430 Package
4. Air Compressor

Lastly, an air compressor will complete the process. The Husky air compressor brand is highly recommended. You can find these at your local Home Depot store or online. It really depends on what and how you are sandcarving to determine the best type of air compressor.

Air Compressor Help