MonuBlast Process System

Everything You Need To Get Started With Our MonuBlast Sandcarver
Made for the stone carving industry, the CrystalBlast MonuBlast Direct Pressure Machine has been designed for Production Stone Carving using direct pressure. This kit includes everything you need to get started in the monument industry.

The Quick Image exposure unit offers a large surface area to exposure wide-format photoresist film. This tabletop exposure unit delivers fast, uniform exposures when working with MMX and RapidMask. MMX photoresist film is an advanced film that provides deep etching ability similar to vinyl, while offering the quick and easy process of a photoresist. RadidMask films are the only dry processing films available on the market today. With fine detail halftone making ability and strong blast resistance the combination of RapidMask High Detail and RapidMask High Tack provide an effortless sandcarving experience.

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