RapidMask Roll

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ikonics imaging made in the usa

  • Dry Processing
  • Self Adhesive
  • Fine halftone making ability
  • Strong Blast resistance


RapidMask™ requires photo-NEGATIVE artwork.
CLEAR = BLAST. Typically, artwork imaged area should not exceed RapidMask™ film sheet or
roll size. Imaged areas of artwork should have opaque borders (approx. 1/8 inch). RapidMask™ film
remains photosensitive through blasting if not protected from light.

Minimum line resolution

High Detail 2mil (use minimum 220 grit size and negative artwork with Dmax 3.0)
High Tack 4mil (use minimum 180 grit size and negative art work with Dmax 3.0)

High Detail Up to 65dpi (use minimum 180 grit to 45dpi 220 or finer above 45dpi)

Mask Specifications
Blast depth High Detail (50u) frost to approx. 1/16" High Tack (100u) frost to approx. 3/16"

* The above specifications are based on using a genuine artwork film NEGATIVE with a D(min) UV
clear area of <1.0, and a D(max)
UV opaque area of >3.0 as measured with a UV densitometer.

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