TGIF 2-Day Special

Enjoy this week's TGIF 2-Day Special on popular photoresist films by IKONICS Imaging. Celebrate the weekend early with 10% OFF R-SERIES, ULTRAPEEL & RAPIDMASK photoresist films. Plus, we're offering FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all of those films. IKONICS Imaging's films are engineered for professional sandcarving applications in which quick-processing, durability and paint-filling are essential. Stock your shop, special ends Friday, July 20, 2018!

Online TGIF 2-Day Special is valid 07/19/18 - 07/20/18. TGIF 2-Day Special includes 10% off and Free Ground Shipping on all R-Series, UltraPeel and RapidMask photoresist films. Sheets and rolls of film included. 2 item limit per film-type. Online special also includes free ground shipping on the films listed above. You MUST select 'UPS Ground' during online checkout to receive free ground shipping. Shipping will be charged on non-discounted items. If shipping to Canada, ground shipping is free, however, international duty fees and taxes will not be covered by IKONICS Imaging. Special cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts. Discount off list price only. Shipping within USA & Canada only.