AquaBlast Elite

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Save Water. Save Time. Save Money. Automated Washout With Patented SmartFlo Technology.

The AquaBlast Elite was designed using valuable feedback from experienced professionals who were unhappy with the limitations, mess, and running costs of their existing machines. With the Patented SmartFlo Design, the AquaBlast Elite is the industry's cleanest and most efficient automated washout machine.

Combining the SmartFlo Eco-Pump technology with SmartFlo Nozzles, the AquaBlast Elite washes out masks faster than existing models, while using up to 80% less water, making the AquaBlast Elite the first truly Green automatic washout machine. In addition to faster washouts and significant water savings, the SmartDrain System keeps the surface of the machine clean and dry, allowing full and easy view of the SmartFlo Ergo-Clean control panel, which is located at eye-level.

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Standard Features
SmartFlo Eco-Pump Technology: High washout pressure
SmartFlo Nozzles: Low water usage
SmartFlo Illumalite Inspection Window: Observation window with LED lighting
SmartFlo Adjustable Manifold: Adjustable height washout manifold
SmartFlo Ergo-Clean Controls
SmartDrain System
• 100% welded stainless steel washout and cabinet
• 900 film washout drum 15” x 50” expandable to 18” x 50”
• Constant speed drum rotation gear motor assembly
• White powder coated film drum 6.28 sq.ft.
• 6 each low flow fan jets with fanjet protector screens
• Hand washout gun
• Pressurized warmer tank with maintenance heater
• Cycle timer, emergency stop, cycle, jog control, light switch, water pressure and temperature gauge
• Safety door interlock switch
• Stainless steel washout chamber with balanced hinged part load
• Stainless steel double pan top mount for 100% water capture
• Locking casters with cabinet fork lift channels
• Magnetic film holding magnets
• 1.5” water drain with air-gap
• Master water inlet on-off valve
• Quick access lower front and rear cabinet panels
• Stainless steel braided water lines
• Cycle view window with water tight window molding

Drum Washout Area
15” x 50” washout zone with oversized drum
Expandable to 18" x 50"
Up to 900

Overall: 45"W x 35"D x 59"H

220-volt single-phase power
18 amps (requires GFI) with low-voltage controls
UL approved parts

Water Usage
3.9 gallon per minute water usage @ 250-270 psi

Estimated Shipping Weight
710 lbs

Other Specs
Pressure and water temperature monitor gauges
Stainless steel cabinet construction
Jog controls for momentary washout
Low flow hot water supply required
1.5” water drain connection includes air-gap

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