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As the world’s leading supplier of decorative sandblasting equipment and sandcarving supplies, IKONICS Imaging has the strongest pool of sandcarving experts available to help start your business and hone your skillset. From hands-on training seminars to online resources, IKONICS Imaging is dedicated to your success as a sandcarving professional.

Peter Norman
Director of Sales

Peter Norman is the Sales Director for IKONICS Corporation’s IKONICS Imaging division. Peter is currently responsible for all IKONICS Imaging business, both Domestic and International. He joined IKONICS in 1999 beginning his employment in sales. Through the years, he has been involved in managing several of the company’s businesses and has taught many sandcarving seminars around the world. His management and sales style create a culture that fosters energy and growth at IKONICS. You may also recognize him from our popular web series, Will It Blast.


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Darin Jones
Technical Sales & Training Specialist - Midwest

Darin Jones is the Technical Sales Specialist for the Midwest region. He is also the Training Specialist within IKONICS Imaging for all regions. Darin has worked with IKONICS for over 13 years. Prior to sales, Darin was the exclusive IKONICS Training Specialist for 9 years. He has taught over 250 different seminars and webinars related to Corel Draw, Adobe, sandcarving techniques, photoresist films, equipment & supplies training, and much more. Darin is here to fix your problems, earning him the title of Doctor Jones. When in doubt, call the doctor!


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Andy Hromatka
Technical Sales Specialist - East Coast

Andy Hromatka is the Technical Sales Specialist for the East Coast region. He has been with IKONICS for over 10 years. Andy is a great asset to the IKONICS Imaging Sales team and is passionate about helping customers with product knowledge and seeing them become successful with sandcarving. Andy describes himself as optimistic, patient, and here to help. When not servicing the imaging world, Andy enjoys time spent with his family, hiking, and enjoying all that Duluth has to offer. Ask him about his trip to Germany for Oktoberfest and that time he wore lederhosen!


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Mike VanOvermeiren
Inside Sales Representative

Mike VanOvermeiren, Inside Sales Technical Specialist, at IKONICS Imaging is native to Duluth, Minnesota, having lived with his wife and two sons for over 30 years in the Northwoods. In his spare time he enjoys playing hockey, reading a good book, or venturing off on scenic trails with his family. Mike joined IKONICS in 2015 and is very passionate about making customers happy and assisting them with their technical sandcarving needs.


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Susan Brathol
International Sales Coordinator

Susan Brathol is the International Sales Coordinator for IKONICS Imaging and she has been with IKONICS since XXXX. With extensive experience and expertise, Susan has played a pivotal role in shaping the success of Ikonics Imaging at an international level. Susan's collaborative approach and industry knowledge have also played a crucial role in establishing Ikonics Imaging as a leading provider of sandcarving equipment and supplies. Beyond her contributions at IKONICS Imaging, Susan spends her time outdoors gardening, kayaking, canoeing and camping. She also enjoys spending time with her family, including her two grandchildren, and traveling with friends.


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Edie Fontaine

Ikonart Specialist

Edie Fontaine, Ikonart Specialist, is a dedicated and customer-oriented professional, widely recognized for her exceptional contributions to the customer service department. With a wealth of experience and a passion for assisting customers, Edie has become an invaluable asset to the company. Edie's extensive knowledge of Ikonart products and services allows her to address customer inquiries and concerns with utmost accuracy and efficiency. Whether it's guiding customers through the selection process, troubleshooting technical issues, or offering expert advice, Edie ensures that every interaction leaves customers feeling satisfied and confident in their Ikonart adventures. Edie joined the team in 2018 and received the Customer Service Rep of the Year from Awards & Personalization Association in 2023. 


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