Drying Machines

Our dry process film, RapidMask, does not require drying and our traditional wet photoresist films can be air-dried. For those reasons, our starter systems do not include dryers. But as you start producing in any sort of volume, it’s helpful to have the consistency and speed of our cabinet dryer. Speed can be increased further for high production scenarios, with the D-100 belt dyer.

  • d-100 dryer commercial film dryer for sandcarving ikonics imaging

    D-100 Dryer



    The D-100 commercial film dryer is compact, fast and adjustable. Use this dryer to automatically dry your photoresist sandcarving films and keep your workflow moving. $2,380.35 Built to order. Call your IKONICS Imaging Representative to find out lead...

  • pb500 industrial film dryer for sandcarving films ikonics imaging

    Film Dryer



    Quick and Easy Photoresist Film Drying The PB500 dries photoresist film in less than 10 minutes. Heated air comes in through large bottom perforated holes and is distributed to each shelf while an air filter removes dust to ensure consistent drying...