Below you will find just a few of the testimonials we have received over the years from our IKONICS Imaging sandcarving customers. Specific product reviews can be found on the individual product pages under the Shop tab.

"CrystalBlast Elite is my Go-to!"

“My CrystalBlast Elite is my go-to for larger powder coated items that my laser engraver can't manage. Definitely gives us an edge over the competition! Plus, you can not beat sandcarving for glass and crystal!”
- Beth Parsons, Highland Rim Engraving May 8, 2024

"Awesome Sales Representative!"

My sales representative (Darin Jones) is awesome! He is so knowledgeable and easy to approach. I have never in my journey of owning a business had such a pleasant interaction with a sales representative. He is so giving of his knowledge and truly humble and effective while conveying it. I can see many more purchases in the future with Darin and Ikonics Imaging.

- James Depner, The Craftsman's Mark
April 20 , 2021

"Outstanding Customer Service"

Thank you for all of the valuable training Peter and Darin (AKA Dr. Fine Grit) gave last week at the Sublimate, Sandcarve & Laser Seminar in Minneapolis. Not only did I learn a lot about sandcarving and the many different markets that can be reached, but the hands-on use of the machine was simply invaluable. Your products are only surpassed by your outstanding customer service. Mikaela, Darin and the rest of the team made sure everyone had the opportunity to use the machines and learn from real hands-on training without being overwhelmed. I would be remiss if I did not also let you know how much I appreciate the assistance of Technical Sales Specialist, Edith. She has been a great help in getting me the materials I need to be successful with this new venture. I know I am making the right decision to be using products from IKONICS! Once again, thank you!

- Dan E., www.laserdan.com
July 15 , 2019

"Unbelievable Support"

The IKONICS Imaging team provides unbelievable support. We have never had any issues with any of their products. We are sold as customers and will continue to use and experiment with the variety of IKONICS products. We are really grateful to the IKONICS team! They have opened up a door for us to help expand our business and opened our eyes to many possibilities.

- Ray, Stenciled Stones
July 3 , 2019

"The Best Products On The Market"

We have been working with IKONICS Imaging for over 15 years and can’t say enough good things about the entire team. Not only do they provide the best products on the market, all the employees there are amazing. They all have outstanding product knowledge and are always willing to help! Whether you are just getting started with sandcarving or have been in the industry for years, like us, you can count on IKONICS to be there to help with all your needs and questions.

- FineAwards.com
June 22 , 2019

"The Elite is a Game Changer"

The Elite is a Game Changer" I finally have my new CrystalBlast Elite sandblast cabinet up and running and it is such a game changer for me. I was using an old third-hand unit and this is like night and day. I can’t wait to try halftones, multi-stage carving and so much more. I’m just so happy!

- Heather Kalafut, Amusing Threads
May 25 , 2019

"Appreciate The Help"

We appreciate the help that Darin Jones and the IKONICS Imaging team always gives us. I wish some of the other companies we deal with cared as much as they do!

- Matt Ramsay, Nothers
May 9 , 2019

"These Guys Rock!"

Saw these gentlemen [Darin Jones and Andy Hromatka] at APA Vegas in February. Awesome display of the products and the demos were fantastic. I purchased a CrystalBlast Pro X2. IKONICS and these guys Rock!!!!

- Janet Tousey Bruegl
April 26 , 2019

"Excellent Instructor"

First of all, I want to sincerely thank you (Darin Jones) for all your creative input and assistance while at the sandcarving seminar. I especially appreciated your willingness to image the logos from my university. The University President and I had a “show and tell” discussion and he seemed to be very impressed with the items you helped me with. We are in the process of building a new performing arts center and there may be some viable opportunities where a sandcarver might be a valuable asset. As a further note, it is my considered opinion that you are an excellent instructor—IKONICS is exceedingly lucky to have you on their staff! I say this with some degree of confidence in that I have spent 43 years in a classroom setting and I recognize good pedagogy when I see it!

- Julienne Friday
July 26 , 2017

"Excellent people"

I have been in the sand carving business for only one year. Last year I met Peter Norman at the NBM Show in Philadelphia, and again this year at the Baltimore show. Being new at the sand carving business, I started with a homemade model as most may do. This is a conservative approach to ensure that I can do the work, and be successful in the business. It didn’t take me too long to learn the basics, and within a few months I sold my first item. Shortly after that I knew I was going to have to upgrade my equipment. I started to research the two major brands of sand carvers. IKONICS, and Rayzist. I was really torn between them. Each had features I liked, and wanted them all in one model. I narrowed down my selection to two models. The IKONICS Elite, and the Rayzist 1034. I went to the Baltimore show uncertain which model to select. My wife and I arrived at the IKONICS booth first, within an hour or so of the show opening I met Peter, and also Andy Hromatka. Not knowing I was there to purchase a sand carver. Peter and Andy both gave me their undivided attention. I asked questions. All were answered. My wife and I both got to test drive the Elite unit. We were very happy with the unit, the way it worked, and the demonstration of all the features. After conversing with Peter and Andy for about 30 minutes I began to realize something. Peter and Andy wasn’t there to sell me a sand carver. They were there to help me succeed. I really felt that they had my best interest in mind, and that if I succeeded, so did they. I felt that we are one company, working as one to ensure each other’s success. I quickly handed my credit card to Peter, and bought the floor model within the first hour of the show. After purchasing the equipment we walked over to the IKONICS booth where the awards and gifts were displayed. I met Megan there. She immediately came over to me and offered help. Megan helped me purchase a few of the awards off of your display table for a show that I have coming up in 4 weeks. Megan put me in contact with the art department and we got the awards ordered. I wanted to pass this story along to you to ensure that Peter, Andy, and Megan get the recognition they surely deserve. I have been in the service business for 25 years, and I am certain that Peter, Andy, and Megan have many stories just like this, but you have never them. Many customers expect that kind of service, many don’t appreciate it, others can’t recognize it, but they all received it from Peter, Andy, and Megan. Please pass this along to Peter, Andy, and Megan. They are great people and I certainly hope you continue to treat them well enough to stay with Ikonics. I started my business just last year, and starting is never easy, and always risky. With people like this, who could stand against us? I look forward to working with all of you in the coming year, and watching both of our businesses grow as one.

- Custom Engraving Studio
November 29 , 2016

"Excellent Sandcarving Seminar"

I just wanted to thank Wes Barton, Mike V. and their Brea Team for an excellent Sandcarving Seminar. I had just bought the IKONICS Elite System from the Long Beach Show, which was fun and easy to operate at the show. Somehow between the show and the short time it took to get my system in-house, early Alzheimer’s kicked in and I forgot almost everything. Fortunately, the IKONICS Imaging team were doing some seminars around the country and they had one here in California. They were professional, patient, and provided some of the tricks of the trade learned from inside the company and around the country. They did not pretend to know everything and were quick to find answers to questions that were clearly out of the box and forward thinking from some of the advanced students. The event was well organized, there were interactive lectures on hardware, films and software, hands-on practice. All the materials and lunch were at no-cost to the trainee. If you get the opportunity to attend one of these, I highly recommend it. I learned so much and hated to see them leave.

- Michael B.
October 16 , 2016

"The best products"

I have been working with Ikonics for almost 15 now and can’t say enough good things about the entire team. Not only do they provide the best products on the market, all of the employees there are amazing. They all have outstanding product knowledge and are always willing to help! Whether you are just getting stated with sand carving or have been in the industry for years, like us, you can count on IKONICS to be there to help will all your needs and questions.

- Fineawards.com
September 28 , 2016

"Excellent company and products"

I have been an IKONICS customer for over five years. I purchased a CrystalBlast Pro two years ago and it was the best purchase I have made. The ease of use and precision that I can now blast is amazing. Their products, service and knowledge about the industry is unmatched."

- Michael M.
September 27 , 2016

"A 5 star review"

Andy, Darrin and the whole staff that I have dealt with where very nice, professional and knowledgeable and supplies where shipped the same day.

- Steve S.
September 17 , 2016


All the customer service and care as well great equipment.

- David B.
September 9 , 2016