Kits & Bundles

Bundle and save with our selection of sandcarving kits and bundles. Our RapidMask Test Kit is perfect if you want to see what dry process is all about, or if you are ready to get started with sandcarving try one of our complete process systems: RapidMask Process System (dry process film only), Combo Process System (dry and wet process film), or the Process System Kit (for larger jobs).

  • ikonics imaging rapidmask test kit for sandcarving with crystalblast sandcarver

    RapidMask Test Kit



    Receive a nice sample pack to get your sandcarving business started, or simply try our RapidMask photoresist film, world's only dry-process film along with supporting materials. RapidMask High Tack - 2 Sheets RapidMask High Detail - 2 Sheets AccuBlack -...

  • static discharge kit ikonics imaging sandcarving parts

    Static Discharge Kit



    Static Discharge Kit Eliminates static discharge shocks (this is different from electrical wiring grounding). Recommended for blasting metal substrates. Metal creates static discharge (those light, annoying shocks to the skin) Works with any sandcarving...

  • Smart Application Kit Smart Application Kit

    Smart Application Kit



    This kit has everything needed for ease of application. The Smart Application Kit includes a Smart Jig, Wire Wheel with handle, Wire Wheel replacement head, and two squeegees.  The Smart Jig is the perfect tool to help get your sandcarving projects...

  • cry discharge kit for clean sandcarving with ikonics imaging crystalblast sandcarving machines cry discharge kit for clean sandcarving with ikonics imaging crystalblast sandcarving machines

    Cry-Discharge Kit



    The Cleanest Sandcarvers On The Planet, Even Cleaner The Cry-Discharge Kit is specifically designed to make the cleanest sandcarving machines on the planet, even cleaner. Built for our line of CrystalBlast Sandcarvers, the Cry-Discharge Kit is an...

  • ikonics imaging rapid mask process system get started with sandcarving

    RapidMask Process System



    Try out our dry process system! The Rapid Mask Process System includes everything you need to try out our dry process system for sandcarving. RapidMask dry processing, self-adhesive, photoresist films are by far the most innovative films available. With...

  • ikonics imaging combo process system sandcarving starter kit bundle

    Combo Process System



    Enter the Exciting World of Sandcarving with Ease This economical system provides the necessary tools and equipment to enter the professional world of sandcarving. The Combo Process System contains top-of-the-line photoresist films, including both...