RapidMask Process System

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Try out our dry process system!

The Rapid Mask Process System includes everything you need to try out our dry process system for sandcarving.

RapidMask dry processing, self-adhesive, photoresist films are by far the most innovative films available. With fine detail halftone making ability and strong blast resistance, the combination of RapidMask High Detail and RapidMask High Tack provide an effortless sandcarving experience.

Take the hassle out of washing out your photoresist film with our RapidMask dry processing film.

NOTE FOR LASER PRINTERS: The Complete Process System comes with inkjet printer film. If you have a laser printer you will need laser printer film.

RapidMask Process System Includes:

  • Letralite® Exposure Unit, 11” x 14” Image Area
  • RapidMask HD (2 mil), 10” x 12”, 10-Sheets
  • RapidMask HT (4 mil), 10” x 12”, 10-Sheets
  • AccuBlack Inkjet Film, 8.5” x 11”, 20-Sheets
  • RapidMask® Test Kit
  • Squeegee
  • Wire Wheel

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