Smart Application Kit

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This kit has everything needed for ease of application. The Smart Application Kit includes a Smart Jig, Wire Wheel with handle, Wire Wheel replacement head, and two squeegees. 

  • The Smart Jig is the perfect tool to help get your sandcarving projects done with ease and efficiency. It not only holds any substrate in place for easy film application, but it also includes storage for a wire wheel and squeegees. This storage option is sure to keep your application tools easily within reach.  

  • The Wire Wheel is used to perforate the membrane on all photoresist films after the mask has been applied. It helps to remove any trapped air in-between the membrane and substrate which helps to eliminate blow-offs during sandblasting. Watch it in action!

  • The IKONICS Imaging squeegee is the perfect tool to help eliminate air bubbles, and firmly adhere your sandcarving mask to your substrate.

With all these tools together, mask application is sure to be a breeze.