CryDiaphram - 3pk

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Retention frame must be used to attach CryDiaphram to Port Insert. Frame purchased separately.
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Part Number: 109-07-603

Tapeless sandblast ports eliminate tedious taping beyond the edges of the photo resist mask typically required to protect the substrate.  Instead, the operator holds the photoresist image up to a window just large enough to etch the image but not blast beyond the edges of the photo resist mask. 

The CryDiaphram is easy and versatile… 

CUT HOLE: Place the surface to be etch on the rubber membrane.  Trace the edges of the glass onto membrane to ensure the right size window for your glass. Cut the shape from the rubber with a sharp razor blade.   

MOUNTING: Retrofit tapeless port with rubber orange membrane.  Stretches on retention frame mounting to the tapeless port.  The Rubber membrane is held in place initially with pegs as well as four wing nuts.  The retention frame is then mounted to the tapeless sandblast port frame.   

SANDCARVING: The operator simply reaches behind the retention frame and presses the glass into the rubber membrane so that only the imaged photo resist mask is showing. The rubber flexes to the curve of the substrate.