CrystalBlast® Elite 3.0

With Patented CleanFlo Technology, Ergonomic Design Meets World-Class Construction

Truly peerless, the CrystalBlast Elite is the Total Ergonomic Machine designed to meet the needs of any sandcarving facility. Ergonomic features such as seated or standing operation, adjustable foot treadle, eye level machine controls, micro sized abrasive hose, fully padded armrest and large view window puts the Elite 3.0 in a class of its own.

Unique to the CrystalBlast Elite 3.0 is our Patented CleanFlo Technology, which includes a 700 cfm exhaust blower with 110 sq. ft. certified filter cartridge. The Elite 3.0 also contains a removable, patented, Cyclone 240 separator reclaimer that prevents the loss of even the smallest abrasive up to 240 mesh. The Elite 3.0 also includes LED lighting and high pressure long wear industrial Lexair valve for easy operation. All the combined features showcase the innovation and technology of the CrystalBlast Elite 3.0’s design.

The CrystalBlast Summit, Elite 3.0 and Pro X2 are the only cabinets in the industry with an air blow-off gun inside the cabinet. This blow-off gun helps to keep your parts clean and the grit inside the cabinet.

*220V/50hz conversion & international crating available for an additional $482 USD. Call IKONICS Imaging toll free at (800) 643-1037 for replacement parts.

NOTE: Casters not included. Must be purchased separately. 

Purchase from IKONICS Imaging or JDS Industries.

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Call your IKONICS Imaging Representative
to order at (800) 643-1037

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Standard Features
• SmartAccess Door to Filter
• Upgraded Dust Collection System
• Pneumatic Vibration Cleaning Cycle
• Easy Vibrator Dust Release Allowing Enclosed Dust Release
• Inside cabinet air blow-off gun
• Complete LED lighting in cabinet
• 100% welded cabinet
• True ergonomics for seated or standing operation
• ASME 50 lb capacity pressure pot
• Heavy-duty 12 and 14 gauge steel with two component urethane paint
• Quick-disconnect nozzle
• 700 cfm exhaust blower with silencer
• Patented abrasive separator reclaimer
• Capable of using 220 grit
• Dustless work area
• Easy filter cleaning mechanism
• Quiet operation
• Tool less hose replacement
• One valve pressurization/depressurization
• Lexair Valve High Pressure Long Wear
• Fits through a 32” door opening

Cry-Discharge Kit: Make the cleanest machine, even cleaner.
Tapeless Port Insert: Eliminate the taping process.

Optional Add-on:(call for pricing)
• Casters
• Adjustable height foot treadle
• Roctec nozzle

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