Washout Equipment

Developed to improve photoresist film washout efficiency, the IKONICS Imaging AquaBlast® line of automated washout equipment is the latest in a quarter-century history of customer-driven innovation. Designed for customers looking to eliminate handheld spray guns and automate their washout process, AquaBlast equipment offers high speed film washout in a clean, contained cabinet. With patented SmartFlo technology, the SmartFlo Eco-Pump and SmartFlo Nozzles washout film faster than competitive models, while using up to 80% less water, making AquaBlast automated washout equipment the truly Green automatic washout solution. For manual washout you can combine our TriggerJet Nozzle with our Washout Booth. 

  • ikonics imaging triggerjet nozzle washout photoresist film

    TriggerJet Nozzle



    Affordable and user-friendly washout The TriggerJet is a low-cost, adjustable spray nozzle used in conjunction with a standard garden hose and tap water for low volume photoresist film development. This durable polypropylene nozzle can simulate the...

  • large washout booth for photoresist film sandcarving etched glass ikonics imaging

    Washout Booth

    $551.25 - $656.25


    Space saving Washout Booth Our washout booths are made of durable, chemically resistant polypropylene. With color coded parts and bolt-on legs, the booth requires minor assembly. While the large size is offered as a space saving sink for your shop, we...