23rd Veteran Project

IKONICS Imaging worked with the incredible crew from 23rd Veteran back in March. The IKONICS Imaging Team taught the veterans about sandcarving and everyone helped sandcarve some pretty amazing pieces for the silent auction during the Madison Rising Concert in Duluth, MN.

About 23rd Veteran
The mission is to empower veterans to lead successful lives. The 23rd Veteran provides a long-term transition process for veterans leaving the military, and those who were never properly transitioned. Successfully transitioning veterans to live comfortably in our society not only benefits our veterans and their families, but it also allows our communities to capture their valuable intangible skill set in meaningful work and service. The 23rd Veteran crew holds events throughout the year, the sandcarved items were on display during the Madison Rising Concert in Duluth, MN. Learn More!

Sandcarved Silent Auction Items
IKONICS Imaging was excited and thrilled to work with the 23rd Veteran group. The collaboration is nothing new. IKONICS Imaging is extremely honored and proud of all the vets. When this opportunity came up, there were no questions in  helping out. The Reps spent a full day with the vets, going over the project, artwork and sandcarving element. The 23rd Veterans had some fun and unique sandcarving requests for IKONICS to work with including; guitar, stainless steel tumblers and wall display, glass growlers, and some cool knifes. Check out the images down below.

Silent Auction Results
The big event was held on Friday, March 30th at Grandma’s Sports Garden in Duluth, MN. The event included tasty foods, words from 23rd Veteran and the silent auction. Overall, the concert and silent auction were a HIT! All proceeds from the event went to support local veterans. The silent auction, along with donations all weekend, raised a total of $56,417. The guitar alone raised $275. The guitar was so popular, the crew sandcarved another one. Overall, wonderful event, IKONICS Imaging looks forward to supporting the 23rd Veteran organization on future events.