ARA 2015 Supplier of the Year

April 10, 2015
ARA 2015 Supplier of the Year


Producing and offering high-quality products and services has long been paramount for the team at IKONICS Imaging, and that dedication is something customers have come to expect and appreciate.

IKONICS Imaging was awarded the Gold Obelisk as 2014–2015 Supplier of the Year—Single Location at the International Awards Market in January. The success was proof positive that the efforts put forth by IKONICS Imaging are recognized—and better yet, appreciated—by the retailers who are their customers and clients.

In announcing the honor during the annual gala in Las Vegas, presenter Mario Scarano, CRS, noted that the company scored high for innovation, creativity of products, and quality of products. This comes as no surprise to Peter Norman, the corporate account manager who has been with IKONICS Imaging for 16 years.

Norman said those qualities are “the core foundation” of the company. “We strive to improve our products, equipment, and service continually. We make it our goal to know our customers’ needs, and operate our company to the specifications that will help improve their businesses.”

IKONICS Imaging specializes in process photo chemistry and sandcarving, Norman said. ARA members turn to IKONICS to purchase sandblasting cabinets, abrasives, and supplies to create sandcarved awards, signs, gifts, drinkware, and more for their customers, but the process has many applications.

“The beauty of sandcarving is the diversity of industries that can utilize it,” Norman said. “For decorative applications, our products and services are used in industries such as awards and engraving, promotional, signage, donor recognition, architectural, wine bottle decorating, and the monument industry. For functional applications, the aerospace and semiconductor industries utilize our products and services as well.”

Norman has been involved in virtually all aspects of the business, giving him a great perspective on how they are able to be so successful and valued by retailers. He manages the sales and service team and is involved in the brainstorming process with engineers and chemists, developing new products and equipment to streamline their services.

Among Norman’s goals is gathering feedback that can then be used to create new products and processes “that will help our customers’ businesses grow.” Read rest of ARA article

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