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The Cleanest Sandcarvers, Even Cleaner

Is sandcarving clean? Absolutely. When it comes to cleanliness, our CrystalBlast Sandcarvers are the best in the industry. All our sandcarvers have patented CleanFlo Technology built in, providing optimum air flow, cleanliness and visibility. The enclosed cabinets with built-in dust collection systems hold in the grit yet circulate enough air so you can clearly see your substrate being […]

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Revolutionary CleanFlo Technology Explained

Sandcarving equipment has come a long way since the days of sandblasting rust off a car. The IKONICS Imaging CrystalBlast™ line of sandcarving equipment with CleanFlo technology is the most conscientiously engineered equipment of its kind in the world. The enclosed cabinets with built-in dust collection systems hold in the grit while circulating enough air […]

Capabilities of Sandcarving

Capabilities of Sandcarving

LOOKING FOR IDEAS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS? The capabilities of sandcarving offer a logical extension of your current business. Sandcarving offers entrance into numerous markets including gifts, collectibles, memorial items, promotional products, and signage. From extremely fine detail to personalized characterization, to multi-level deep carving, the possibilities with sandcarving are virtually limitless. Read the full […]

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Is Your Sandblaster Clogged?

If you turn on your blaster and no abrasive comes out, it is most likely a clogged nozzle or hose. In this weeks Facebook Live video, Wes from IKONICS Imaging discusses these two common issues and how to address them. Check for a Clogged Nozzle The most common issue with abrasive not coming out of […]

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How Much Compressed Air Do I Need?

One of the questions that repeatedly comes up in sandcarving is, “How much compressed air do I need to run a sandcarver?” The following information from Robert Robinson at MediaBlast & Abrasive, Inc. addresses this common question. Standard Operation This information is based on operating a 3/32″ nozzle machine at normal pressures for sandcarving. Operation […]

Step-by-Step Guide to Sandcarve, Sublimate & Laser Engrave Products

Step-by-Step Guide on Personlization with Sublimation, Laser Engraving & Sandcarving by Brenna Walsh, Communications Specialist at JDS Industries There are many unique substrates currently available for personalization, and quite a few methods to do so. With the large variety of blank substrates available for customization comes just as many customers looking for different items perfect […]

CrystalBlast Troubleshooting! Will Not Blast: No Compressed Air or Abrasive

When your CrystalBlast Elite is not blasting, meaning no compressed air or abrasive are coming out, go through these helpful troubleshooting tips from the CrystalBlast Elite’s operator’s manual: 1. Check regulator: Is it turned off? 2. Compress air is turned off or disconnected from blast cabinet: Make certain that the compressed air is connected to […]

Inspecting & Replacing CrystalBlast Nozzles

Inspect the CrystalBlast Nozzle It is important to replace the sandcarving nozzle after it has worn 1/32”. Not only will the worn nozzle use more compressed air, but the abrasive will impact the part more aggressively. As the volume of air and abrasive increases, it will create additional wear on the blast hose too. The […]

Choosing the Right Sandcarving Machine

Choosing the Right Sandcarving Machine

Choosing the Right Sandcarving Machine to Meet YOUR Needs The right machine can determine success or failure for your sandcarving operation. Whether you’re just starting out in sandcarving, adding a sandcarving process to an existing business or expanding to high-volume, around-the-clock production, the right machine is crucial for success. So, how do you choose the right […]

A&E May Article on Sandcarving Halftones

Create Artwork in Photoshop for Sandcarving Photos When it comes to sandcarving, successfully etched products stem from great artwork. Once the basics and best practices are mastered, the possibilities are endless. Following is a how-to guide in creating artwork for sandcarving photographs. Adobe Photoshop is the artwork program of choice along with RapidMask photoresist film […]