CrystalBlast Troubleshooting! Will Not Blast: No Compressed Air or Abrasive

When your CrystalBlast Elite is not blasting, meaning no compressed air or abrasive are coming out, go through these helpful troubleshooting tips from the CrystalBlast Elite’s operator’s manual:

    • 1. Check regulator: Is it turned off?
    • 2. Compress air is turned off or disconnected from blast cabinet: Make certain that the compressed air is connected to the blast cabinet and turned on. Main Air Inlet Valve is in on position vertical to the ground.
    • 3. Pressure pot is depressurized: Pressurize the pressure pot by rotating the 3 Way Pot Control Valve handle (Located on the instrument panel) to the pressurize position vertical.
    • 4. Blast nozzle is plugged: Remove nozzle and use a small, stiff wire to dislodge the obstruction.
    • 5. Abrasive choke valve completely closed: If the Abrasive Choke Valve is completely closed (Abrasive Choke Valve arm horizontal to the hose), then the abrasive hose is probably plugged with abrasive. Refer to abrasive hose unplugging procedure in the “Adjusting the Abrasive Flow” section of the manual.

Need more information on troubleshooting your CrystalBlast machine? Simply check your operator’s manual or contact IKONICS Imaging any time for support at (800)643-1037 or