Laser Engraving vs. Sandcarving On Glass

May 16, 2019
Laser Engraving vs. Sandcarving On Glass

When it comes to choosing laser engraving or sandcarving on glass, there are multiple factors to consider. Below we break down why you might choose one over the other when it comes to etching glass, crystal, high end awards and other promotional products.

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Laser Engraving vs. Sandcarving on Glass

Laser engraving involves using a laser beam to etch your design onto the surface of your substrate. While laser engraving works great for surfaces like wood and acrylic, we generally recommend sandcarving for glass and crystal.

Sandcarving propels very fine bits of aluminum oxide or silicon carbide at a high air pressure to etch the surface of your substrate. Sandcarving is recommended for glass and crystal due to the quality, clarity and depth that can be achieved.

Benefits of Laser Engraving:
- No consumables
- Less manual labor

Benefits of Sandcarving on Glass/Crystal:
- Best, sharpest cut
- Deeper etching capabilities
- Smooth, even results
- Create unique effects such as frosted glass, stage carving and color filling
- Create one-of-a-kind artwork, as each piece is done by hand

Things to Consider When Laser Engraving on Glass/Crystal:
- Results not as sharp
- Can’t get depth
- Uneven etching
- Leaves shards of glass on surface

Things to Consider When Sandcarving on Glass/Crystal:
- Need to print artwork and create mask
- Sandcarving is done by hand in a sandblasting cabinet

Combine Laser Engraving and Sandcarving

If you are looking to combine the convenience of your laser engraver with the quality of sandcarving, our Blazer Orange Blastable Laser Mask and/or Laser Tape may be the answer. Our laser masks allow you to create a stencil on your laser engraver, then finish the piece in your blast cabinet. Whether you just want cleaner edges or you want to incorporate advanced techniques such as stage carving, our laser masks can help you achieve the high quality you desire.

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