Sandcarving Class at ISA

sandcarving class as isa 2019

Join the IKONICS Imaging team at the 2019 ISA International Sign Expo in Las Vegas, NV on April 24-26, 2019 at Mandalay Bay. Visit with sandcarving industry experts and receive hands-on, sandcarving training in Booth #3973 all day long. Use VIP Code 10506 to register for free!

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Sandcarving Class at ISA 2019

If you want to take sandcarving to the next level, join IKONICS Imaging in the classroom before the show on Friday, April 26. Our Beginner Sandcarving Class is from 9am – 10:30am in Room South Pacific C, followed by hands-on sandcarving in Booth #3973. Learn effective and unique sandcarving techniques that set your business apart from the rest. Whether you plan to personalize glass, stone, ceramic, or stainless steel, sandcarving will help you stand out from the competition. During the class we will cover the following topics:

Sandcarving and the Sign Industry Market

Sandcarving can be used in a wide variety of markets, and is especially a good fit for the Sign Industry. Sandcarving is perfect for braille signs, large glass panels, and creating interesting signs that can be lit using LED lighting. Advantages of sandcarving within the Sign Industry include:

  • • Special techniques such as halftones and stage carving
  • • Etch a wide variety of surfaces
  • • Create unique signs
  • • Elegant and distinctive
  • • Light with LED
  • • Small to large signs
  • • And much more!

MonuMask Mask Making Service

MonuMask is our made-to-order mask making service offered by IKONICS Imaging. This service allows our customers to produce jobs that may have been previously unattractive due to the high cost of labor, size restrictions, and the general impracticality of producing high-detailed imagery. Our MonuMask large scale masks are professionally imaged photo-stencils for sign makers seeking quick turn-around along with easy-to-use stencil production. MonuMask accommodates fine-line, high-detail artwork or deep-carved imagery with the time-saving advantage of no weeding or picking. Can accommodate masks up to 42” Wide x 64” Length.

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