R-Series Sheets

Rapid Washout. Repositionable. High Resolution.
R-Series photoresist films make decorative sandcarving simple, productive and enjoyable. R3 R4 R5 are engineered for professional sandcarving applications in which quick-processing and high production are critical. R3 R4 R5 promote efficient mask production by eliminating the time-consuming and messy application of adhesive.
• R3: 3 mil photoresist film • R4: 4 mil photoresist film • R5: 5 mil photoresist film
NOTE: R4 is now available in rolls.
Purchase from IKONICS Imaging or available at one of JDS Industries' 14 warehouses.
NOTE: Availability and lead time may vary for some formats, please allow extra time for order fulfilment or call (800) 643-1037 for more details or lead time estimate.
As low as $94.43
Availability: In stock
ikonics imaging made in the usa

  • Self-Adhesive
  • High-Resolution
  • Repositionable
  • Fast washout
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