S3 Simple Sandcarve Software

Introducing our NEW S3 Simple Sandcarve Software - the ONLY software available that was created specifically with the sandcarving industry in mind. S3 provides the necessary tools and features to effortlessly create artwork without additional and unnecessary distractions found within other software programs.

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the options and settings in other artwork design programs? Do you want a program that requires less steps to meet your basic artwork needs for sandcarving? Are you looking for an affordable option without a monthly subscription cost or constant upgrade fees? S3 Simple Sandcarve Software is the answer!

  • CREATE HALFTONES: Resize images and convert to halftones with just a few clicks.

  • CONVERT TO VECTOR ART: Import a jpeg and convert to vector art for crisp lines.

  • INVERT ART: Invert your art with one click to create a negative image.

  • INTUITIVE: S3 was engineered for intuitive and easy artwork creation.

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Standard Features
• One-time only fee - no subscription or update fees
• Simplified for beginners
• Invert art for RapidMask with one click
• Convert jpegs to vector art
• Easily create halftones
• Compatible with Windows

• Compatible with Windows
• S3 will only work on Macs with Parallels or Boot Camp in a Windows environment

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