CrystalBlast™ Summit

Exemplified Smartcarving Construction with Patent Pending CleanFlo Tapeless Technology
Simple design elements true to the CrystalBlast line remain. Modern additions include Patent Pending CleanFlo Tapeless Technology, automated controls improving abrasive flow and dust collection and the largest viewing window in the CrystalBlast family.

Simply hold your substrate outside the cabinet in the CleanFlo Tapeless port system and begin sandcarving. The innovative port system eliminates the need to protect a substrate with tape—a truly unique feature. With interchangeable templates, the port system supports small and large blasting areas. Combine additional CleanFlo features and the result is a machine that reinvents sandcarving. Designed with 100 percent welded 12 and 14 gauge steel, the CrystalBlast Summit sits atop the peak of the CrystalBlast roster.

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  • ASME 50 lb Capacity Pressure Pot with Clean-Out Port
  • 100% Welded 12 and 14 Gauge Steel
  • 700 CFM Exhaust Blower with a 220 sq. ft. Certified Filter Cartridge
  • Industrial Foot Pedal with Industrial Lexair, High Pressure Long Wear Valve
  • Micro Abrasive Hose with Quick Disconnect Tungsten Carbide Nozzle
  • Pot Scalper Screen
  • Air Regulator, Filter, Water Trap and Gauge
  • Full-View Laminated Viewing Window with Protector Glass
  • Heavy Duty Lockable Door Latch
  • Complete with Machine Wheels
  • Tapeless Interchangeable Port System
  • Automated Toggle Switch
  • Automated Hopper Vibration Button
  • Removable Front Opening for Arm Ports or Brushes
  • Removable Front Opening for Arm Ports or Brushes
  • CrystalBlast Summit Specifications
  • Overall Dimensions: 38"L x 44”W x 86”H
  • Working Dimensions: 36”L x 24”W x 30”H
  • Side Door Opening: 15"W x 25.5"H
  • Window with Protector: 31"W x 16"H
  • Air 3/32" Nozzle: 5.7 CFM @ 30 PSI
  • Air1/8" Nozzle: 8.4 CFM @ 30 PSI
  • Air Compressor: 10 CFM @ 90 PSI
  • Abrasive Hose: 3/8" OD minimum
  • Electrical: 120V/20AMP/60Hz
  • Dust Collector: 700 CFM, 220 sq/ft
  • Certified Filter Cartridge
  • Dust Collector Upgrade: 440 sq/ft
  • Approx. Ship Weight: 750 lbs

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