CrystalBlast Master

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Complete Customization meets High Production with Patented CleanFlo Technology

The CrystalBlast Master line is not one single model but a customized sandcarving machine that meets your needs for safe, efficient operation using the abrasive size, pot run time, dust collector requirements and abrasive flow controls right for your application.

These custom machines offer more than 80 additional options for easy part handling and reduced machine maintenance. Many different cabinet sizes are available using a wide range of nozzle ID sizes with the right dust collector for all applications. The dust collector on the Master models can upgrade to a HEPA after filter for cell operation and many include the automatic cleaning cycles or an upgraded automatic reverse pulse cleaning feature.

Larger pressure pots permit larger nozzle use and higher machine duty cycle operation. Additionally, the Master models can be purchased without the selfcontained dust collector for operation using one of our much larger stand alone automatic cleaning cartridge collectors. Many models include the pneumatic conveyor for larger pressure pot capacity. You can also use one larger stand alone dust collector to operate multiple sandcarving cabinets.

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$16,200.00 Base Price

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Standard Features

  • 100% welded 12- & 14-gauge CRS cabinet construction
  • Bolt-on machine hopper
  • ASME 100 lb Capacity Pressure Pot with Clean-Out Port
  • Heavy duty abrasive flow control mixing valve with choke valve flow control
  • Foot operated blast control valve with treadle pedal
  • 3/16" boron carbide blast nozzle, optional larger and smaller nozzles
  • Smaller inside whip hose
  • LED outside cabinet lighting on standard top
  • LED spot lighting on expanded height & square top models
  • Safety glass view window, oversized 13" x 24"
  • Glass window protector
  • Double panel door construction
  • Lockable refrigerator door handle
  • Safety door interlock switch
  • Precision air-regulator, air filter/water trap with gauge
  • 10" diameter work ports with 2 piece glove and gauntlet
  • HD bar work grates, 150 pounds/ft2
  • Scalper screen
  • Steel front hopper wear plate, replaceable
  • Blow-off gun
  • Cycle cleaning gauge for dust collector
  • Dual cartridge-440 ft2 dust collector (all models 3636 & larger)
  • Hopper dust storage, 3.5 cubic foot storage (all models 3636 & larger)
  • 700 to 1100 cfm blower
  • Pneumatic abrasive conveyor and outside abrasive storage hopper
  • High efficiency cyclone 320 separator reclaimer available for ultra-fine grit
  • 1.0 to 3.5 cubic foot pressure pot ASME coded with access port
  • Removable abrasive storage hopper scalper screen
  • Cyclone efficiency tuning valve
  • Removable abrasive hopper scalper screen

Optional Features

  • Direct Pressure blow-down pot controls
  • Direct Pressure flexible whip hose
  • Constant Pressure pot controls
  • 3.5 Cubic Foot pressure pot
  • Boron Carbide Nozzle Substitution
  • Maintenance Meter
  • Magnahelic gauge, non-electrical
  • Cutting Abrasive Package
  • Fixed Turntable, Manual or Powered
  • Mobile Work Cart Assembly & Internal Tracks
  • External Outside Tracks for Mobile Work Cart w/ door modification
  • Gun/Blast Nozzle Holding Fixture
  • Additional Abrasive Gun w/ controls
  • Glass Window Protector Assembly
  • Perforated Metal Work Surface Overlay
  • Heavy Duty Bar Grates, 150 lbs./ sq.ft.
  • Rubber Dipped Bar Grates
  • Fiberglass Bar Grates
  • White Cabinet Polyethylene Wear Plates, removable
  • Steel Hopper Wear Plate, removable front
  • Expandable Cabinet Heights
  • Mirror Images Available
  • 2 and 4 Operator Station Models
  • Second Operator Station
  • Ergonomic Cabinet Designs
  • Additional Side Access Door on smaller single door models
  • Increased Cabinet Height, Width, Depth
  • Square Top Design w/ Insert Window for maximum door size
  • Stainless Steel Dry Cabinet Fabrication
  • Powered and manual Roll-Up Door
  • Available "Less Dust Collector" connection to central dust collector
  • Stand-Alone 880 & 1320 sq.ft. dust collector
  • Tumble Barrel and Tumble Basket Options
  • Integrated Vacuum Cleanup Assembly
  • Shrouded Foot Pedal Assembly
  • Ambient Air Dryer
  • Magnetic Separator
  • 2HP, 1100 CFM Blower w/ single power source
  • Expanded Dust Collector Sizes
  • Automatic Vibrator Cleaning Cycle
  • Automatic Reverse Pulse Cleaning Dust Collector
  • Single Power Source Electrical
  • Contained Dust Discharge Assembly
  • Polyester Filter Cartridge Upgrade
  • Blower Exhaust Super Silencer
  • HEPA After Filter, negative pressure
  • Static Electricity Grounding Kit
  • Special Machine Color, color chip matched
  • TB-1, TB-3, TB-4 & TB-5 Tumble Barrel and Tumble Basket Assemblies (see Tumble Barrel)


Overall: Varies
Working: Varies
Door Opening: Varies
Safety Plate Window: Varies

Air Requirements (Compressor Not Included)

Separator Reclaimer
Patented Cyclone 330


LED part inspection lighting


Dust Collector
1100 cfm Exhaust blower with silencer 1/2 hp - 120V

Approx. Shipping Weight
475 lbs

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