Tapeless Port Insert

Completely Eliminate The Taping Process!
Employing SmartCarving Construction and patent pending CleanFlo technology, the Tapeless Port Insert takes any CrystalBlast sandcarving machine and completely eliminates the taping process. Once photoresist is applied to the substrate, simply use DuraMold putty as the mold, connect the mold to the Tapeless Port Insert and sandcarve.

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• Fits any CrystalBlast Sandcarving machine
• On-Off magnets secure insert to machine grate
• Multiple face-plates available
• Ergonomically angled to reduce blasting fatigue
• Professionally painted and finished

DuraMold Putty
DuraMold Kit

• Total Dimensions = 11.67" H x 21.67" L x 9.48" W
• Window Dimensions (without attached plates) = 14.68" L x 8.15" H

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