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Where Laser Engraving and Sandcarving Meet

Blazer Orange combines the convenience of your laser engraver with the quality of sandcarving to create beautifully etched glass and crystal. IKONICS Imaging Blazer Orange Laser Mask is a sandblastable laser mask designed to create stencils for the high end corporate, promotional products and giftware industries. Discover why Blazer Orange is the laser mask of choice and order today.

Two options available: - OL: Does not have a slip sheet; comes in 6" and 12" - XL: Has a slip sheet; comes in 12", 24" and 52"

PLEASE NOTE: These films are available in a wide format roll size. Wide format rolls are made to order. 24" and 52" XL is made to order only. Please allow extra time for order fulfilment. Call (800) 643-1037 to order or for more details.

NOTE: Availability and lead time may vary for some formats, please allow extra time for order fulfilment or call (800) 643-1037 for more details or lead time estimate.

ikonics imaging made in the usa

  • Amazing durability
  • Conformability without distortion
  • No excess residue
  • Excellent resolution
  • Higher contrast on substrates
  • With easy removal, color filling is a snap
  • No PVC

Comparing to the original green LaserTape:

  • Not as stretchy, dimensional stability aids in application especially when applying with the carrier removed.
  • The film turns a slightly darker orange when in contact with the substrate. This allows you to see if there are any areas that are not making good contact and will most likely blow off during blasting.
  • The orange is stretchy enough to wrap but is significantly less elastic than other mask material, allowing it to maintain its shape when wrapped.
  • The adhesive does not leave residue on the substrate.
  • The orange peels significantly better than other laser mask material, making it great for color filling.
  • The orange contrasts better with most substrates particularly darker colored substrates compared to competitive products.
  • The resolution of the orange is much better than competitive products.
  • It is available in standard formats 6" x 100' and 12" x 100', and wide formats 24" x 100' and 52" x 100'.
  • Durability is better than other laser mask materials, allowing for a deeper blast.

Laser Settings for Trotec Speedy 300

  • 30 Watt, 15 speed, 100 power, 400 dpi
  • 60 Watt, 60 speed, 100 power, 400 dpi
  • 60 Watt, 35 speed, 45 power, 1000 dpi

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