Elevating Glass Awards with UV Printing and Sandcarving

12th Sep 2023

Elevating Glass Awards with UV Printing and Sandcarving

When it comes to recognizing excellence, glass awards have become the gold standard in various industries. Their elegance and transparency symbolize the clarity of achievement, making them the ideal choice for honoring outstanding individuals and organizations. 

To take these accolades to the next level, the fusion of UV Printing and sandcarving, powered by IKONICS Imaging  CrystalBlast sandblasters and photoresist films, offers a winning combination that transforms glass awards into unique, high-end works of art. In this blog post, we'll explore the advantages of this innovative approach and shed light on why sandcarving outshines laser engraving in the realm of glass awards.

Benefits of UV Printing on Glass Awards

UV Printing is a cutting-edge digital printing technique that employs ultraviolet light to cure inks directly onto various substrates, including glass. This method offers several advantages when it comes to crafting stunning glass awards:

  1. Vibrant and Versatile: UV Printing provides a wide color gamut, allowing for the reproduction of intricate logos, images, and text with unmatched clarity and vibrancy. Whether you're creating awards for corporate achievements, sports events, or artistic endeavors, UV Printing ensures that your designs pop with vividness.
  2. Durability: UV-cured inks are exceptionally durable, resistant to fading, scratching, and abrasion. This ensures that your glass awards maintain their brilliance for years to come, making them a lasting testament to excellence.
  3. Precision and Detail: UV Printing can achieve fine details and intricate designs that may be challenging or impossible to replicate through other methods. This precision adds a touch of sophistication to your awards, making them truly exceptional.

Elevate Your Glass Awards With Sandcarving

Now, let's delve into the transformative power of sandcarving in combination with UV Printing for glass awards, using IKONICS Imaging's cutting-edge sandblasters and photoresist films.

  1. Depth and Texture: Sandcarving, also known as sandblasting, allows for the creation of varying depths and textures on glass surfaces. This depth imparts a tactile quality to the awards, inviting recipients to touch and appreciate the intricate details. With IKONICS Imaging's CrystalBlast sandblasters and variety of photoresist films, you have precise control over the sandblasting process, ensuring the desired outcome.
  2. Multilayered Effects: By strategically combining UV Printing and sandcarving, you can achieve multilayered effects on glass awards. For instance, UV Printing can be used to add a colorful background or intricate pattern, while sandcarving can carve out specific elements, creating a captivating 3D effect.
  3. Customization: Sandcarving offers unparalleled customization possibilities. Whether you want to create awards that reflect your brand identity, commemorate a specific event, or celebrate an individual's achievements, sandcarving allows you to infuse your unique vision into each piece.

NOTE: These awards and paperweights were UV printed by PDS Industries, then sandblasted at IKONICS Imaging. IKONICS Imaging is proud to be a preferred supplier of PDS Industries and trusted partner of UV Energize

Sandcarving vs. Laser Engraving

While laser engraving has been a popular choice for personalizing glass awards, it has limitations that make sandcarving the superior option:

  1. Depth and Texture: Laser engraving only scratches the surface of the glass, resulting in a flat and one-dimensional appearance. Sandcarving, on the other hand, provides depth, texture, and a tactile quality that elevates the award's overall aesthetic.
  2. Special Effects: With sandcarving you can create intricate, custom textures and 3D effects, which are challenging to achieve with laser engraving. Add dimension to your awards by stage carving or shading the glass, or color fill your carved design to make it pop.
  3. Flexibility: Sandcarving is more flexible in terms of design options, but it is also more flexible because the photoresist film is flexible. You can sandcarve on odd-shaped items that you wouldn't be able to laser engrave.
  4. Durability: Sandcarved designs tend to be more durable and long-lasting than laser-engraved ones. Laser engravings can fade or wear off over time, while sandcarved designs remain intact.

NOTE: If you already own a laser engraver, you can use our Laser Mask Films to eliminate chipping when engraving, or you can combine laser engraving with sandcarving to elevate your glass awards even more.

Glass Awards That Leave A Lasting Impression

In the world of glass awards, the fusion of UV Printing and sandcarving using IKONICS Imaging sandblasters and photoresist films opens up a realm of creative possibilities. These cutting-edge techniques combine the precision of digital printing with the artistry of sandcarving, resulting in unique, high-end awards that stand as true works of art. 

As you embark on your journey to honor excellence, remember that the marriage of UV Printing and sandcarving offers unparalleled vibrancy, durability, and customization, making your glass awards truly exceptional. Say goodbye to flat and lifeless engraving – choose UV Printing and sandcarving for awards that leave a lasting impression.

If you have any additional questions about which products to use for UV Printing and sandcarving, please contact IKONICS Imaging today. Our tech support team is here to help.