Revolutionary CleanFlo Technology Explained

6th Jul 2021

Revolutionary CleanFlo Technology Explained

Sandcarving equipment has come a long way since the days of sandblasting rust off a car. The IKONICS Imaging CrystalBlast™ line of sandcarving equipment with CleanFlo technology is the most conscientiously engineered equipment of its kind in the world. The enclosed cabinets with built-in dust collection systems hold in the grit while circulating enough air so the user can clearly see the substrate being carved through the large viewing window.

In this weeks' Facebook Live video, Wes and Peter from IKONICS Imaging discuss air flow and why our patented CleanFlo technology (integrated into all our sandcarving equipment) works so well.


There are a few areas where air goes into the machine. The two cutoff gauntlets (arm holes) at the front of the machine and the air inlet in the back (with a small filter) circulate air through the machine while blasting. This constant airflow helps keep the inside of the machine free of dust and debris while blasting.


In addition, while the machine is running the separator/reclaimer on the side of the blaster is constantly pulling air out of the machine and separating the good abrasive from the dust and debris. The good abrasive is recycled and put back into the hopper for reuse. The air and the dust are separated and ran through the dust collector. The dust is caught in the filter and the clean air is exhausted out the back side of the machine.


As you are blasting you will be creating dust and debris, but because of the CleanFlo air flow technology, the machine remains clean and full gloves are not necessary.


The inside of our machines remains so clean that you can easily see what you are blasting. Siphon system or commercial blasters that are made for the automotive industry do not have the proper filtration for decorative etching and it can be hard to see what you are sandblasting. In addition, we are the only manufacturer with LED lights inside our blasters, which also helps with visibility.


We strongly recommend everyone we meet at tradeshows and events to test both our blasters and our competitors' blasters to experience the difference themselves. Our CleanFlo technology is patented which means no other manufacturer can put the technology into their cabinets to keep it so clean where you get one air change per second. Click here to view our events and tradeshow schedule. We look forward to meeting you!


Click here to watch Wes and Peter demonstrate these tips in the Facebook live video. If you have any additional questions about our sandblasting equipment or CleanFlo technology, please contact our support team for further information.