Sandcarve a YETI or Polar Camel Tumbler

3rd Jul 2019

Sandcarve a YETI or Polar Camel Tumbler

Summer is here and that means a lot of time spent outdoors. Hydrate in style with a personalized YETI or Polar Camel tumbler. Personalized tumblers turn an already great gift into a one-of-a-kind piece.

When it comes to personalizing a YETI or Polar Camel, sandcarving is a great option. Easily add a monogram, logo or custom text with our MMHD 6mil photoresist film and our CrystalBlast Summit. The Summit has patented CleanFlo Tapeless Technology that includes an innovative port system. This port eliminates the need to protect your tumbler with tape while sandcarving—a truly unique feature. Just add your mask and start blasting.

How To Sandcarve A Coated YETI Or Polar Camel Tumbler

When blasting your YETI or Polar Camel, we recommend using the plow/shovel technique at a lower air pressure (20 PSI) with a fine abrasive (180 silicon carbide). The plow/shovel technique just means that you sandblast parallel with the tumbler, rather than pointing the nozzle directly at the surface. This technique requires a mask with a more aggressive adhesive, such as our MMHD photoresist film. Using this technique will drastically decrease the time it takes to blast through the coating on the YETI or Polar Camel tumbler.

Darin Jones, Technical Sales & Training Specialist for IKONICS Imaging, did a Facebook live video in which he demonstrated the plow/shovel technique while sandblasting a Polar Camel tumbler. Click below to watch the video.

Polar Camel Tumblers

Our line of high quality Polar Camel vacuum insulated tumblers are powder coated with a matte finish and made to last. The included lid makes them perfect for enjoying all your hot and cold beverages. They come in a variety of colors and are perfect for personalized gifts.

YETI Drinkware

YETI drinkware is popular for a reason. The YETI Rambler family of tumblers, mugs, bottles and jugs will keep your drinks as cold or hot as science allows. With stainless steel construction, double-wall vacuum insulation and a no sweat design, YETI delivers tough construction unlike any other, making them perfect for all your outdoor adventures.

Do you have additional questions about personalizing a custom YETI or Polar Camel tumbler? We are here to help. Contact the sandcarving support team at IKONICS Imaging today. Call (800) 643-1037 or email us.