The Cleanest Sandcarvers, Even Cleaner

3rd Aug 2021

The Cleanest Sandcarvers, Even Cleaner

Is sandcarving clean? Absolutely. When it comes to cleanliness, our CrystalBlast Sandcarvers are the best in the industry. All our sandcarvers have patented CleanFlo Technology built in, providing optimum air flow, cleanliness and visibility. The enclosed cabinets with built-in dust collection systems hold in the grit yet circulate enough air so you can clearly see your substrate being carved through the large viewing window. Crafted with the input from generations of customers from a wide variety of industries – from the smallest, most entrepreneurial trophy shop owner to NASA – the CrystalBlast line represents the pinnacle of sandcarving cleanliness.

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The CrystalBlast Discharge Kit Makes Your Sandcarver Even Cleaner

That being said, a great product can always be made even better. We are excited to introduce our Cry-Discharge Kit, a brand new product that we designed to make the cleanest sandcarving machines on the planet, even cleaner.

This bagless kit easily connects to the dust hopper, creating a completely self-contained system for storing dust, making it the perfect addition to any of our CrystalBlast Sandcarvers. No matter where you sandcarve, keep your surrounding space clean with our Cry-Discharge Kit.

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