The IKONICS Imaging CrystalBlast® line of sandcarving equipment, designed and engineered in partnership with Media Blast & Abrasive, Inc., is the most conscientiously engineered equipment of its kind in the world. Crafted with the input from generations of customers from every type – from the smallest, most entrepreneurial trophy shop owner to NASA – the CrystalBlast line represents the pinnacle of sandcarving expertise. Made in America and distributed globally, the CrystalBlast line now includes models across the price and function spectrum. Designed to be used with our line of Photoresist Films

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  • ikonics imaging crystalblast scout sandcarving machine

    CrystalBlast Scout



    Simplicity Meets Efficiency CrystalBlast Scout embodies the characteristics of simplicity and efficiency. The Scout is the simplest to operate and the least expensive sandcarving machine to purchase. The Scout is ideal for the hobbyist or occasional...

  • ikonics imaging crystalblast pioneer sandcarving machine ikonics imaging crystalblast pioneer sandcarving machine cleanflo technology

    CrystalBlast Pioneer



    Entry-Level Cabinet Packed with Features and Patented CleanFlo Technology The CrystalBlast Pioneer is a 100% welded 12 and 14 gauge CRS direct pressure sandcarving machine designed with easy to use controls. The 26”W x 67"H x 24...