About Ikonart Smart Screen Stencil


Every business wants to stand out from the crowd! Ikonart Stencil Film is a revolutionary light-sensitive film that gives you the ability to showcase your company's services in a bold and unique way.

By using custom, reusable silkscreen stencils, in just three easy steps you can create anything with this very affordable method! The possibilities are endless. Make customized, short-run printing a breeze with this high detail and high resolution stencil film.

Ikonart can be used for paint filling as well as cream etching and even wood burning! Simply print your artwork, expose the stencil film using our 30W UV light stand, and finally wash out the exposed film to reveal your design! Everything you need to get started is included in our Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit.

* Laser or inkjet printer is required for printing artwork.


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Visit Ikonart to find out more about how the Ikonart Stencil Kit can help you add a world of creativity to your personalized items and signage. Learn about stencil film, textile film and inkjet printer film and why they are perfect accessories for your sandcarving projects. Get all this and more at the Ikonart store!

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