Blast & Color Fill a Polar Camel Tumbler

October 8, 2019
Blast & Color Fill a Polar Camel Tumbler

Customizing tumblers is an important part of the Personalization Industry. Customers are looking to personalize their powder coated tumbler with monograms, favorite quotes, logos and custom designs. Sandcarving tumblers is quick and easy and allows you to personalize tumblers that may be a bit tricky in a laser engraver.

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MMHD Photoresist Film for Sandcarving Powder Coated Tumblers

MMHD is our newest film. It is a 6mil photoresist film that is part of our MM Series. While our MM Series was originally designed for the Monument Industry due to the deep etching ability, our 6mil MMHD also works great for our line of Polar Camel tumblers and drinkware. MMHD is similar to our MMX film, but because it is 6mil instead of 10mil it is perfect for tumblers because they don't need a deep etch. It was also designed for higher detail carving which gives greater flexibility when choosing what designs can be sandcarved.

Polar Camel tumblers are great for personalization, however some coatings can be harder to remove than others. Check out this video in which Darin Jones, Technical Sales & Training Specialist with IKONICS Imaging, shows how to sandcarve and color fill a powder coated tumbler using our MMHD 6mil photoresist film.

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Tips & Tricks on Blasting Polar Camel Tumblers

Here are some tips and tricks when blasting your powder coated tumblers:

  • If your MMHD photoresist film isn't tacky enough for your substrate, use a steamer to reactivate the adhesive.
  • Use a Smart Jig for easy mask application.
  • Protect your tumbler by taping off your photoresist mask.
  • Using your CrystalBlast Sandcarver, set your pressure to 15 PSI, keep your distance 4-6 inches away, and blast at a slow and steady pace.
  • We recommend 150 silicon carbide, however 180 silicon carbide can be used. Just take your time!
  • Blast at an angle to "push" the coating away (rather than blasting it away).
  • Since the Polar Camel tumblers are not dishwasher safe, you can use most types of spray paint when color filling.
  • Sandcarving with silicon carbide will give your blasted image a matte finish (when the grit blasts away the powder coating, it also dulls the stainless steel). If you want your sandcarved design to remain shiny, you can blast with a plastic bead media instead of silicon carbide.
  • These same tricks will work on any brand of powder coated, stainless steel tumblers including Yeti, Hydro Flask, Pelican and more.

Contact IKONICS Imaging

For more information on how to sandcarve and color fill a powder coated tumbler, please contact IKONICS Imaging at (800) 643-1037 or email us.

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