Increase Your ROI With Sandcarving & SmartFlex

November 19, 2019
Increase Your ROI With Sandcarving & SmartFlex

At a recent visit to the University of Minnesota Duluth we were wandering around the gift shop and came across these two wine glasses (pictured). The glass on the left has "University of Minnesota" etched in the glass and the glass on the right has "Minnesota Mom" screen printed on the glass. The price of the etched glass was $21.99, and the price of the screen printed glass was $12.99. The two wine glasses were exactly the same, the only difference was how the graphic/text was applied to the glass.

Increase Your ROI With Sandcarving

Sandcarving a glass does not take more time and is not more expensive than screen printing a glass, however the end result is something that looks and feels more valuable to the customer. When you etch a glass using sandcarving you immediately increase the perceived value of that glass, which means you can sell the sandcarved glass for a higher return on investment (ROI).

Improve the ROI of Your Sandcarving Shop with SmartFlex

Now that you understand the value of sandcarving, it's time to set up your shop in the most efficient way possible to increase your ROI even further. The efficiency of sandcarving begins with SmartFlex. SmartFlex is a comprehensive way to run your production line that brings together all the pieces of the sandcarving process, thus enabling the entire system to work together to standardize the production flow.

The SmartFlex process stems from a long tradition at IKONICS Imaging to help customers make improvements in their production efficiency. The art department, acetate printing, mask production, application, blasting, cleaning and even packing work together in a flow, as the production team “flex” from station to station.

  1. Station 1 - Exposure, Development & Drying: Optimize your mask making process using our Quick Image LED Exposure Units, AquaBlast Automatic Washout Units, and one of our Film Dryers.
  2. Station 2 - Mask Application: Application tools such as our SmartJig, Squeegee, and Wire Wheel make applying your mask more efficient.
  3. Station 3 - Sandcarving: Our line of ergonomic CrystalBlast Sandcarvers come with CleanFlo Technology and LED lighting.
  4. Station 4 - Automatic Washout: After you are done blasting, run your items through an automatic washout station (like an industrial dishwasher) to help with mask removal.
  5. Station 5 - Mask Removal, Clean & Pack: Our line of photoresist films remove quickly and easily to make cleaning and packing a seamless part of the production flow.

SmartFlex optimizes production, ensures quality, and improves customer satisfaction. Consult your IKONICS Imaging Representative today for more information on how to employ the SmartFlex High Efficiency Production Process in your shop.

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If you have any additional questions about how to increase your ROI with sandcarving, please contact our support team today. We are always here to help and guide you so that you can have sandcarving success! Call (800) 643-1037 or email us any time.

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