1. Upload your artwork

Or we'll produce it for you. For complete details view our Artwork Specifications Outline.

2. We send you the mask

Imaged from your artwork and sized to your specifications.

3. Apply the mask and blast

Our easy-to-use sandcarving stencils can accommodate fine lines, high details, and deep carving.

About MonuMask

MonuMask allows decorators to bid on jobs that have been previously unattractive due to the high cost of labor, size restrictions, and the general impracticality of producing high-detailed imagery. MonuMask provides professionally imaged photo-stencils for decorators seeking quick turn-around, easy-to-use stencil production.

MonuMask accommodates fine-line, high-detail artwork or deep-carved imagery with the time-saving advantage of no weeding or picking.

  • No weeding or picking
  • No glue
  • Fine-line, high resolution
  • Deep carve
  • Large format up to 42” Wide x 64(+)” Length

*Patent pending

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