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MonuMask allows decorators to bid on jobs that have been previously unattractive due to the high cost of labor, size restrictions, and the general impracticality of producing high-detailed imagery. MonuMask provides professionally imaged photo-stencils for decorators seeking quick turn-around, easy-to-use stencil production.

MonuMask accommodates fine-line, high-detail artwork or deep-carved imagery with the time-saving advantage of no weeding or picking.

  • No weeding or picking
  • No glue
  • Fine-line, high resolution
  • Deep carve
  • Large format up to 42” Wide x 64+” Length

Made-To-Order Screens for Sandcarving in 3 Easy Steps

1. Upload Your Artwork

You can either upload your artwork via our online portal, or we'll produce it for you. For complete details view our Artwork Specifications Outline.

2. We Make Mask & Ship To You

Imaged from your artwork and sized to your specifications.

3. Apply The Mask & Blast

Our easy-to-use sandcarving stencils can accommodate fine lines, high details, and deep carving.

Artwork Specifications for MonuMask Service

There are five key elements to consider in producing artwork designed for sandcarving. Attention to these elements is your greatest assurance of consistency, reliability, and quality.

1. Line Width

The blast depth is limited to the width of the line. The minimum line width for blasting is .005" (.123 mm) on 3 mil and .006" (.152 mm) on 4 mil. All lines must match or exceed the minimum line width.

2. Text Size

Check letters that have been typed, such as a, e, and g. Make sure that the centers of these letters are not filled in and are large enough for the mask area to hold. For high resolution product, set type at a size of 6 pt or higher. For 10 mil product set type at a size of 20 pt or higher.

3. Ink Density

Ink density is very important on your artwork. Light should not be able to pass through the black areas. Your artwork must be completely black.

4. Halftone Dot Size

Halftones are only available on high resolution products. When working with halftone film positives, the dot size should be set to 35 lines per inch. Should larger dot sizes be necessary due to an extremely large image viewed at a far distance, please call us for further information.

5. Image Orientation & Settings

High Resolution: For a front blast, output the image with the emulsion set to Up (Right Reading). For a back blast, output the image with the emulsion set to Down (Right Reading).

Deep Etch: For a front blast, output the image with the emulsion set to Down (Right Reading). For a back blast, output the image with the emulsion set to Up (Right Reading).

Digital File Submission Procedures for MonuMask

A $30 setup fee will be charged per image submitted electronically. Files should be saved in vector EPS format with the proper extension (.eps). All fonts should be changed to curves. Artwork submitted in a different format will require art time in addition to the setup fee. Files under 10mb can be e-mailed to Files over 10mb should be sent via our online file transfer. Special output requirements are required on halftone images and images requiring precise registration. Please call for more information.

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