Positive FX

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Positive FX heat stable drafting film is an economical alternative to more expensive orthochromatic film positives for the creation of photopositives to expose IKONICS Imaging photoresist films and emulsion. Although Positive FX is ideal for a variety of designs, a general guideline for line resolution is a minimum of 15 mils or .381 mm. Positive FX is NOT suited for halftones.

Positive FX offers excellent toner retention keeping the black areas dense enough to block UV light during exposure processing. Positive FX is more dimensionally stable and allows more UV light to pass through compared to UVII.

Purchase from IKONICS Imaging or available at one of JDS Industries' 14 warehouses.


  • Compatible with most laser printers and professional photocopiers
  • Achieve line resolution of at least 15 mil
  • Obtains superior density over acetate transparencies

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