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Easy-to-Use Film with Superior Detail Capabilities

UltraVinyl No-Weed Sandblast Mask makes decorative sandcarving simple weather you're a professional or beginner. The film is repositionable until firmly applied to a substrate.

UltraVinyl allows you to efficiently create your sandblast mask instantly, while reducing production time by completely eliminating the adhesive application and weeding steps. This provides fast etching throughout the entire sandcarving area. UltraVinyl photoresist film is available in 10mil (250 micron) thickness.

*Some formats require a 5-10 business day lead time. Don't hesitate to contact IKONICS Imaging with any questions at (800)643-1037, or email info@ikonicsimaging.com.

PLEASE NOTE: These films are available in a wide format roll size. Wide format rolls are made to order. Please allow extra time for order fulfilment. Call (800) 643-1037 to order or for more details.

NOTE: Availability and lead time may vary for some formats, please allow extra time for order fulfilment or call (800) 643-1037 for more details or lead time estimate.

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  • Excellent Resolution - achieve finer detail and sharper images versus vinyl
  • No Weeding
  • Deep Etching Ability
  • Superior Durability
  • Repositionable

Other UltraVinyl Benefits:

  • Adhesive will never dry out
  • No plotter needed
  • No transfer tape

Processing Conditions:

  • Recommended Abrasive: 60-120 grit
  • Blasting Pressure: 80-100 psi (5-7 bar) when using pressure pot system

Recommended Substrates:

  • Granite
  • Marble & Stone
  • Glass (when 1/4"+ deep carving is desired)

Ultra Vinyl Art Specifications


  • Front Blast: Right Reading Emulsion Down
  • Back Blast: Right Reading Emulsion Up


  • Typically, artwork should not exceed sheet or roll size.

Line Width:

  • The blast depth is limited to the width of the line. The minimum line width for blasting is .022" (.558 mm). All lines must match or exceed the minimum line width.


  • Check letters that have been typed, such as a, e, and g. Make sure that the centers of these letters are not filled in and are large enough for the mask area to hold. The recommended font size is 20 pt or higher with UltraVinyl.

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