View the wide array of sandcarving videos IKONICS Imaging has to offer. From featured equipment, to first time machine set-up, to artwork instructions and sandcarving techniques.

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CrystalBlast Elite 2.0

The CrystalBlast Elite 2.0 is one of our top performing sandcarving units. Check out the features that the CrystalBlast Elite 2.0 has to offer. The CrystalBlast Elite 2.0 is a great unit, but here at IKONICS Imaging, we strive to always be improving. We have a new and improved CrystalBlast Elite series unit, the CrystalBlast Elite 3.0. Call 1-800-643-1037 or go online for details!


Blazer Orange Laser Mask

Blazer Orange laser mask combines the convenience of your laser engraver with the quality of sandcarving to create beautifully etched glass and crystal. IKONICS Imaging Blazer Orange Laser Mask is a sandblastable laser mask designed to create stencils for the high end corporate, promotional products and giftware industries.


Wrapping Curved Wine Glass

Designing artwork for carving on a complex curve can be difficult. Watch as Peter Norman simplifies the process and gives you all the tips you need to master the technique.

CrystalBlast Summit Blast Cabinet

The CrystalBlast Summit exemplifies smartcarving construction, a cabinet style that blends traditional and contemporary sandcarving. Simple design elements true to the CrystalBlast line remain. Modern additions include Patented CleanFlo Tapeless Technology, automated controls improving abrasive flow and dust collection and the largest viewing window in the CrystalBlast family.




Products PlaylistView the full series playlist!

Watch detailed videos of many of our Sandcarvers and washout units. If you are curious about how to use our photoresist films, or would like to learn more about our SmartFlex technology, this playlist is also for you.


Maintenance PlaylistView the full maintenance playlist!

From how to replace your sandblaster nozzle to basic preventative maintenance, this list has it all. Check here to help you get the best performance from your IKONICS Imaging sandblasters and equipment.


Sandcarving Demonstration PlaylistView the full demonstration playlist!

Watch as our sandcarving specialists demonstrate techniques from color-filling to RapidMask photoresist film. Watch the full playlist to get great ideas for new projects and new techniques.

Seminars, Tradeshows, and More

Wisdom Wednesday PlaylistView the full playlist!

Tradeshows, seminars and more can all be found here. Watch some of our webinars, get a feel for what it is like at a tradeshow, or view Q&A videos.


IKONICS Digital Trade Show

IKONICS Digital Tradeshow PlaylistView the full series playlist!

Can't come to the tradeshow? That's okay! Mikaela Hernesman is bringing the show to you. Watch as she demonstrates carving techniques and project ideas with the CrystalBlast Elite and our photoresist films.

Will It Blast?

Will It Blast PlaylistView the full series playlist!

Ever wondered whether an unusual substrate is blastable? Wonder no longer as the dynamic duo, Peter Norman and Amber Coughlin, find out for you. In our Will It Blast series, the team puts their skills and our blasters to the test to find out whether or not some pretty unique substrates will blast. Peter and Amber demonstrate sandcarving techniques such as color-filling and give great tips on what to look for in a blastable substrate.

Wisdom Wednesday

Wisdom Wednesday PlaylistView the full series playlist!

Enjoy all the wisdom and dad jokes a Wednesday can offer as Dr. FineGrit demonstrates sandcarving techniques, maintenance and more. Darin Jones, a.k.a Dr. FineGrit, has been a Sandcarving Technical Training Specialist at IKONICS Imaging for over 16 years! Sandcarving is his passion and he has made it his mission to pass on the knowledge of this fine art skill. Whether you are new to sandcarving or an old pro, he has some great tips and tricks in store for you!

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