AquaBlast® Pro

With Patented SmartFlo Technology, Save Water. Save Time. Save Money.

The AquaBlast Pro was designed for mid-size facilities that typically use (1-4)100" rolls of film per month and want to make their process more efficient by automating their washout. The AquaBlast Pro washes masks faster than competitive automatic washout equipment, and uses up to 1/5 less water. That savings, combined with faster washout equals more than 80% water savings.

With the Patented SmartFlo Design, the AquaBlast line is the industry’s cleanest and most efficient automated washout machine available. Combining the SmartFlo Eco-Pump technology, with the SmartFlo Nozzles, the AquaBlastTM Pro washes out masks faster, while calling for only 2 ¼ gallons of water per minute, making the AquaBlast Pro the “Greenest” automatic washout machine available.

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Standard Features
SmartFlo Eco-Pump Technology: High washout pressure
SmartFlo Nozzles: Low water usage
SmartFlo Adjustable Manifold: Adjustable height washout manifold with expandable washout zone
SmartDrain System
SmartFlo Ergo-Clean Controls
SmartFlo Inspection Window: Observation window (optional)
• 100% welded stainless steel washout chamber and drain
• Constant speed drum rotation gear motor assembly
• White powder coated film drum
• 5 each low flow fan jets with fanjet protector screens
• Stainless hoses with threaded connections
• Hand washout gun
• Cycle timer, adjustable
• Cycle start push button with safety door interlock
• Water pressure gauge, monitor only not panel mounted
• Stainless steel washout chamber with balanced hinged part load
• Stainless steel double pan top mount for 100% water capture
• Locking casters with cabinet fork lift channels
• Magnetic film holding magnets
• 1.5" water drain with air-gap
• Master water inlet on-off valve
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