Add Screen Printing and Paint Filling with Ikonart Film

5th Feb 2024

Add Screen Printing and Paint Filling with Ikonart Film

We're thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking addition to the IKONICS Imaging product lineup: Ikonart Stencil Film and Ikonart Textile Film. Designed with innovation and versatility in mind, this new product line promises to redefine the way you approach your sandcarving business. 

Ikonart films allow you to customize and paint fill just about any surface, including fabric, acrylic, glass, ceramic, wood, clay, metal, chalkboards, and more. Seamlessly incorporate Ikonart into your sandcarving business by utilizing your existing exposure unit and existing artwork print setup for an easy entry point into the world of screen printing.

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Paint Fill and Screen Print with Ikonart

Crafted to work harmoniously with our traditional exposure units—including the Letralite exposure unitQuick Image LED units, and even older metal halide or mercury vapor exposure units—Ikonart is a game-changer for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Designed for Versatility

Ikonart Stencil Film is akin to the photoresist washout films you've come to rely on for sandcarving, but it's optimized for paint filling applications. It operates similarly to our standard R-Series or Ultra Peel washout films, meaning you print the artwork the same, expose the film the same, and washout the film the same. 

The Innovation of Mesh Layer

Unlike traditional sandblast photoresist films that utilize a membrane, Ikonart features a unique mesh layer embedded within the film. This mesh layer remains intact after the washout process, allowing the stencil to serve as an ideal paint fill mask. 

This innovation not only extends the utility of Ikonart to hard substrates like wood, ceramic, and glass but also opens up new possibilities for use on textiles, including t-shirts and other fabrics. Once you've created your mask, it can be used repeatedly for paint filling or screen printing a variety of surfaces, offering unparalleled efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Low-Cost Entry into Screen Printing

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Ikonart Stencil Film and Ikonart Textile Film is its potential to make screen printing more accessible to your existing business. For those already equipped with exposure equipment, transitioning to screen printing requires minimal additional investment. Ikonart Stencil Film is an excellent way for our sandcarving customers to explore screen printing opportunities without the need for significant overhead costs.

Blue Ikonart Stencil Film vs. Purple Ikonart Textile Film

Ikonart offers two types of stencil films: Ikonart Stencil Film (blue) and the Ikonart Textile Film (purple). The blue film has a 120 mesh count and a lighter adhesive, which makes it perfect for hard, smooth surfaces like glass, ceramic, and acrylic. The purple film has a 110 mesh count and a more aggressive adhesive, making it perfect for textured surfaces like fabric and wood. 

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How To Make An Ikonart Stencil

The steps to making an Ikonart stencil are very similar to how you process any of our other photoresist films for sandcarving. 

  1. PRINT ARTWORK: Print your artwork as dark as possible using AccuBlack inkjet printer film. Adjust your print settings so you are laying down more ink. When you hold up your printed artwork to the light, you should not be able to see through it. 
  2. EXPOSE YOUR FILM: Lay down your stencil film with the shiny carrier sheet down and the coated emulsion side up. Place your artwork on your stencil film right side up (the way your want your stencil to look; so if there is text, you want to be able to read it). Expose the film. Note: Exposure times will vary by exposure unit, for the Letralite we recommend 40 seconds, and for the Quick Image we recommend 9 seconds. 
  3. WASHOUT: Use a high pressure sprayer or one of our AquaBlast auto washout units to washout your stencil and reveal your design. 
  4. DRY & POST-EXPOSE: Blot off excess water then lay flat to air dry or use a film dryer. After the stencil is completely dry, put your stencil back under the light for two minutes to post-expose. This makes the stencil more durable for reuse. 

WATCH VIDEO: Ikonart Project Start To Finish

How to Get Started with Ikonart

Ready to revolutionize your sandcarving and screen printing projects? Ikonart Stencil Film and Ikonart Textile Film are now available for order through our website. Dive into the world of endless creativity and discover how this innovative product can enhance your craftsmanship and expand your artistic horizons. For more information or to place your order, visit IKONICS Imaging

For more Ikonart videos and tutorial, follow Ikonart Stencil on YouTube