Getting Started in Sandcarving

7th Feb 2023

Getting Started in Sandcarving

When getting started in the sandcarving business, everything can feel overwhelming. What sandcarver should you choose? What photoresist film should you use? What does photoresist film even mean? What type of grit should you use? What size grit? What other equipment is needed? The questions can feel never-ending.

J. Stephen Spence recently published the article Getting Started in Sandcarving: The Equipment in the Engravers Journal that discusses the basics of sandcarving for the Recognition & Personalization Industry. In this article Spence covers the following topics:

  • Blasting Cabinet: Which blasting cabinet you choose will depend on your needs. Spence covers cost, value, beneficial features, and recommendations. If you are ready to buy a blast cabinet for sandcarving, check out our guide to choosing a sandcarving machine for more information on which of our CrystalBlast sandcarvers would be good for your needs.
  • Air Compressor: No matter which sandcarver you decide to go with, you will also need an air compressor. Spence covers compressor requirements, but the general gist is the higher the air capacity, the better. If you are still confused about how much compressed air you will need, please reach out to us.
  • Blasting Media: Spence breaks down what size grit (also known as abrasive or media) to use for sandcarving depending on which substrate you are engraving.
  • Mask or Stencil: Learn more about how the image is applied to the substrate using a stencil. Spence covers a variety of materials that people use to make their stencils, but our favorite is photoresist film. We've created a guide to choosing the right photoresist film based on thickness, so make sure to print it off for a handy guide.
  • Other Equipment Needed: In addition to your sandcarver and stencil material, you will also need an exposure unit, washout area, and a way to design and print your designs.

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