Sandcarving for the Wine Bottle Industry

20th Jun 2023

Sandcarving for the Wine Bottle Industry

Turn an everyday bottle of wine into a keepsake item with custom engraving. Etched wine bottles bring a sense of elegance and are the perfect gift for any occasion, such as a promotion, birthday, anniversary, holiday, retirement, wedding, or any other celebration. A personalized bottle of wine sends a message that will not quickly be forgotten.

Sandcarving and the Wine Bottle Industry

Sandcarving gives you the ability to custom engrave and color fill wine bottles with ease. Add a special touch to any wine bottle with a custom message or custom design, then color fill multiple colors into the engraved wine bottle to make the artwork or wording really stand out. We recommend combining our CrystalBlast 4828 with UltraPeel for the best results when sandcarving wine bottles of all sizes.

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Recommended Sandcarver for Engraving Wine Bottles: CrystalBlast 4828

The CrystalBlast 4828 includes features entirely exclusive to the CrystalBlast line of sandcarving cabinets, such as the operator work port with the highest possible inlet velocity to stop any grit from escaping the work port inlet and the patented abrasive separator reclaimer (100% effective on 50 micron abrasive). The front and side doors facilitate easy access to the large cabinet, complete with advanced LED lighting.

The CrystalBlast 4828 with CleanFlo Technology is the perfect blast cabinet for engraving wine bottles of all sizes, from standard size wine bottles to extra large bottles. The front brushed operator work port and full width window allow the operator to work the entire bottle, while the unique slit rubber curtain seals against the brushes, allowing the operator to move from one side to the other while the grit is securely contained within the cabinet.

Recommended Film for Engraving Wine Bottles: UltraPeel

UltraPeel photoresist film is a great choice for engraving wine bottles because it is perfect for color filling, it’s easy to reposition, and it holds fine details. UltraPeel is our easiest photoresist film to remove after sandcarving without needing to soak in water first.

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