CrystalBlast™ 4828 Artist Station

The new CrystalBlast™ 4828 Artist Station includes dozens of features entirely exclusive to the CrystalBlast line of sandcarving cabinets. The operator work port has been designed for ease of access with the highest possible inlet velocity. The high inlet velocity is very powerful and it does not allow any grit to escape the work port inlet. Inside port brushes are used to support and hold the outside slit-rubber curtain with a clear open wrist area between the brushes in the center of the high-velocity work port.

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Standard Features
• 220 square feet of pneumatically cleaned dust collector cartridge filter surface for long operation. Optional 440 sq. ft. available
• CleanFlo 700 cfm high pressure Class III exhaust blower for high operator inlet velocity
• Exhaust blower silencer for larger cfm volumes
• Full view slanted operator view window for easy machine operation using square top design
• Go Clean with our two-stage positive sealing operator, vestibule style, work port with inside brushes and outside slit-rubber curtain
• Pneumatic assisted abrasive pot loading circuit for larger machine hoppers and smaller abrasives
• Three way pot valve circuit for quick pot re-loading cycle
• ASME 50 lb capacity pressure pot with CleanFlo access port for fast cleaning and repair
• Available with a second side access door for part loading and machine service
• Safety door interlock switch included
• Lexair abrasive valve high pressure long wear
• Machine stability casters

Cry-Discharge Kit: Make the cleanest machine, even cleaner.
Tapeless Port Insert: Eliminate the taping process.

Overall: 50”w 52”d 90”h
Working: 48”w 28”d 36”h

Air Requirements (compressor not included)
Application and nozzle sensitive, call for details
Recommended Air Compressor - Nozzle size and duty cycle sensitive, call for details

Separator Reclaimer
Bolt-on, replaceable patented cyclone 240

3/32” Boron Nozzle Standard or 1/8” Boron Nozzle Standard

Four spot lights

120V, 20 amp
High voltage single power source optional

Dust Collector
CleanFlo 700 cfm exhaust blower, Class III high pressure
Includes 220 sq. ft. certified dust collector filter cartridge
Pneumatic vibrators

Approx. Shipping Weight
600 lbs

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