Sandcarving Odd-Shaped Substrates

6th Dec 2022

Sandcarving Odd-Shaped Substrates

When it comes to engraving odd-shaped glass items, sandcarving is one of the only methods available. Substrates with multiple curves and unusual or unique shapes can seem overwhelming, but with certain tips and tricks you don't need to feel overwhelmed.

Tips and Tricks: Sandcarving Odd-Shaped Substrates

Mikaela Hernesman, Event Coordinator for IKONICS Imaging, recently wrote an article for A&E covering the challenges of engraving odd-shaped substrates and tips on how to overcome those challenges. Her article, Tips and Tricks: Sandcarving Odd-Shaped Substrates, was published in the December 2019 issue of A&E magazine. In this article, Mikaela covers how to manipulate your photoresist film mask in order to conform to curved surfaces, as well as the different methods used to tape off your mask.

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Sandcarving An Odd-Shaped Vase

Have you ever had a customer bring in a custom piece for you to etch or personalize? Don't let the challenge stop you from accepting the order. Check out this video in which Peter talks about why R3 photoresist film is a great option to use on odd-shaped glass items. He also gives tips and tricks on how to apply the mask to a glass vase and how to blast it for a beautiful finished product. In this video Peter blasts at a 90 degree angle using our CrystalBlast Elite blast cabinet to achieve flawless results.

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Hands-on Sandcarving with IKONICS Imaging

IKONICS Imaging is represented at a variety of shows and events throughout the year in which we do hands-on sandcarving demonstrations. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of sandcarving, please contact our support team today. We are always here to help and guide you so that you can have sandcarving success! Call (800) 643-1037 or email us any time.