Tapeless Sandblast Ports

30th Mar 2022

Tapeless Sandblast Ports

Preparing a substrate for sandcarving can be time consuming and inefficient, but with tapeless technology, it can be simple and efficient. Have you ever wondered what it takes to go tapeless?

Brian Mirsch, IKONICS Corporation Marketing Manager, recently published the article Tapeless Sandblast Ports: The Must-Have Sandcarving Accessory in GRAPHICS PRO that discusses the basics of tapeless sandblast port technology. In this article Brian covers the following topics:

    • Tapeless Port Options: Two tapeless port options are introduced, the rubber membrane and silicone mold, and when it is best to use each.
    • Tapeless Port Use: The detailed use of each tapeless port option is covered in this very informative article.

Tapeless Solutions described in the article: DuraMold Putty Tapeless Port Insert

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